Buffet Lunch

An experience with my buffet lunch

Hi guys. This is James here. I am back with some advice for my readers and yeah I am extremely sorry for the delay in my post as I was busy travelling various cities and of course tasting nice cuisine. J Anyway today I have decided to write something on my experience with buffet lunch in various cities likeBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai,Hyderabadand the national capitalDelhi. Last month I travelled a lot for my business tour. Since I am in hotelier industry I came across many restaurants and hotels offering diverse services like hall booking and buffet lunch facilities for corporate.

Frankly speaking many a time I felt so bored in some of the buffet lunch that I had to run to my room and order some decent food myself. I really can’t compromise with my food. growing fat on my tummy and my wife hates that but I love my food and wife both J

Buffet in Chennai

Sorry let me come back quickly on my topic. Well I was in Chennai for a conference organized by hoteliers association and I was welcomed by a famous hotel cum restaurant. We all were given our id. cards and kit for conference. Truly speaking I was not interested in the sessions of conference. I was just looking for some nice food as I had travelled fromSingaporeand I didn’t have any food in flight. But my wait became worse when I saw that all dishes were cold on the tables. Some were looking good but very cold. I really don’t like eating cold and stale foods. I felt as if it was not buffet lunch but some session for finishing old and leftover foods. It put me off. So I directly headed to my room and ordered some nice food from outside.

Buffet in Mumbai

Okay. so let’s move to Mumbai. In Mumbai also I was not very happy as the buffet had all old stuffs which I had already tried several times at several place. Although food were decent, but I won’t call them a great experience. At least there should be some variation even at our home my mom and wife keeps varying the dishes to avoid boredom. Why don’t these buffet organizers realize the importance of serving hot buffet. It is not a difficult task though.

Buffet in Bangalore

Well now its turn of my experience in namma Bengaluru (Bangalore). InBangaloreI was invited as a keynote speaker in an event organized by . Conference was well organized and it started off on schedule without any delay. I finished my address to the audience and then we went for high tea. After high tea we straight went on to the next session in the conference hall where few more speakers spoke on service industry. Now it was time to lunch so organizers took us in the buffet hall wherein we were greeted with smile and rose. Entire ambience was filled with aroma of fresh flowers. Not a surprise asBangaloreis considered to be city of roses. Cuisines were also good and tasty. It was really a pleasure for my appetite after a bad experience in Chennai session.

me conclude today otherwise it will take days to narrate my experience. However I assure you to post more very soon. Till the time I will recommend to read on

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