Comparison Towntable to Other Restaurants

The faces of restaurants have changed today. Every new restaurant that opens in town wants to ouster old ones and builds new and committed customers. To achieve this, they have to keep innovating, ensuring that they bring something new to the restaurant. Right from its inception, TownTable Dehradun has had this goal of achieving excellence. In a very short time, TownTable is counted as one of the best restaurants in Dehradun offering locals and tourists a taste of pure Garhwal food as well as continental and other cuisines.

A typical TownTable Dehradun platter consists of all the items that one can think of. The restaurant has an envious mix of cuisines and there are many things that make the restaurant popular with the people. A comparison of TownTable with other restaurants in Dehradun clearly proves this point.

Top Qualities of TownTable Dehradun

Five Secrets of Getting Better Service When Dining Out Alone

People often dine out in groups. Whether it’s family, a group of friends, or a cluster of office workers, eating out is often as much a social experience as it is one to try out new flavors and dishes.

Nonetheless, there are many reasons one may eschew the group experience and dine alone. Perhaps you are single and your friends are busy. You might be on a business trip and tire of room service food. Perhaps you have some paperwork or computing to accomplish and tire of sitting in your office / cubicle. Or, you might have the day off and just want to relax without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up.

While restaurants should serve everyone, in many instances larger groups are preferred. Busy restaurants don’t like to offer tables for four to just one person while making a party of three wait. Servers naturally will flock to larger throngs as these usually result in higher tips, and in some cases these are automatically added to the bill! Plus, restaurants located near areas of high foot traffic may want to place larger groups closest to the doors and windows to make it look busier from the outside, knowing that busy restaurants do tend to attract more diners. However, by following the below advice you should have a more pleasurable dining experience when there is no company joining you.

1) Avoid Peak Times

Though not always possible due to your schedule or dietary needs, consider dining out at restaurants during off-peak times. If restaurants are not packed with tons of customers, you are more likely to receive a desired table. Plus, this increases the chances of keeping a server’s attention, as during peak times they will most likely gravitate towards the larger parties due to tips.

Of course, there are potential downsides. Restaurants may plan around having fewer customers by hiring fewer servers. If you eat late, the food may not be as fresh. And you don’t want to eat too late – ordering dinner a quarter hour before a restaurant closes will not make you too popular with the cooks.

2) Don’t be Too Disappointed with Your Seat

Don’t expect a primo seat during peak times. However, if a restaurant has plenty of open tables it should be OK to ask for a better location, especially if you are placed next to the restroom or kitchen doors (high traffic areas). Unless the restaurant is almost barren, however, please don’t ask to be moved to a big table as those will be reserved for larger groups.

3) Look to the Bar

Even if you don’t plan on having a cocktail or other alcoholic refreshment, consider eating at the bar area as long as the entire menu is available. Not only may this result in quicker service, but you may receive extra attention such as quicker refills, more napkins when asking, extra sauce, etc. Plus, there’s a chance for some socialization, and perhaps a fellow patron may leave a newspaper to read (they still exist).

Note that in some municipalities, non-smokers may want to stay away from the bar area to avoid second-hand smoke. However, many areas have rules preventing smoking in restaurants or other public places (even bars inside restaurants), making the bar area an acceptable place for them to eat.

4) Be Personable

Smile when talking to your host / hostess / waiter / waitress / bartender. Start up a conversation unless they are extremely busy. Look up when they talk to you and don’t keep your face down in a newspaper, cell phone, or iPad. Don’t treat restaurant workers as servants but as real people working and trying to get through the day. Good manners, good cheer, and respect can be contagious.

5) Tip Well

If the food is good, the service at least acceptable, and you plan on returning to a restaurant often, tip well. This doesn’t mean you have to tip a whopping 30% each time, but don’t skimp and tip 10% or even exactly 15% at every meal. Trust me, bartenders and servers do remember faces and names. Stories of bad tips are shared, and conversely at some locales, you may be surprised at how much better you get treated if you are known for tipping generously or even fairly. Being known as a “regular” could result in fringe benefits such as having a drink removed from your bill or an occasional free appetizer.

If you want the best service at a restaurant when dining alone, be friendly and flexible. Dining at off-peak times may result in more attention from servers. Be willing to sit near high traffic areas, but don’t be afraid to speak up for a change of seating if a restaurant is not too busy. Consider the bar for faster service and even more attention. Sport a smile and a friendly personality. And probably the most important for repeat customers, tip well. If you stand out as a friendly customer that treats the staff with respect, you will more likely have better experiences when dining alone.

Copyright 2011 Andrew Malek.

Importance of The Restaurant Reservations Online For a Good Dining Business

If you are a owner of your popular cafe then dining reservations online is essential for your organization. By applying the restaurant website with regard to online reserving possibly you are able to save more time and can offer the wonderful dining experience for your customers as well as little energy on controlling employees.

By integrating restaurant reservations online into your organization you are able to see the particular increasing consumer base together with your business. Whether the actual employees tend to be fresh or even experienced it was easy to allow them to identify absolutely free themes by their name, their desired food and also dining choices instantly. Also there can be cancelled reservation also it was not just a considerable point. While the particular available car seats are up-to-date automatically into the system each and every employee and the customers can instantly realize the accessible seats at all time. Customers are essential for each business and each business owners knows in which. Restaurant online booking is probably the best methods to please and also satisfy a customer to generate more company.

While obtaining multiple information’s instantly with a single click on the food selections and accessible seats at the time can decrease the worries of time management troubles. Even knowing the required numbers of the staffs to get a particular event to celebrate in the restaurant reserved before also save lot of money. Regular costs and revenues may also be keeping on the right track and can find out wherever your enterprise stands during the time.

Generally the restaurant reservations online is vital if you can find branch dining places on numerous locations. It is significantly simple in order to track almost all reservations, available with capacity of and cancellations with the seats including revenue records in just a single click on. By making most of these tasks automated the worries of equally you as well as your employee may be decreased. While the actual inventory may also be tracked it is possible to know exactly what ingredients are needed and what were within stock. By updating the seating and also any changes within the reservations you customer also knows the actual recent changes in the restaurant dinner system. It is also possible to send email concerning the offers, seating availabilities and food menus etc for the clients frequently. By putting into action dining reservations online the restaurant business may be functioned easily.

As a fact of the offered tasty and great food along with good dinner service through online bookings the shoppers will become impressed definitely. However to ensure that your consumers are enjoying the eating experience inside your restaurant you have to increase the actual efficiency of the employees. By putting into action such restaurant online booking system in just a small investment you can view the worthful advantage which boosts your bistro business.

Schedule Of Crucial Things To Do Before Starting Your Own Restaurant – Recommended List

Are you thinking of starting your own restaurant? Do you dream of serving your home town the best dishes of the land? Do you want customers to keep coming back to your food establishment? Do you want to be remembered as the pioneer of such high class signature meals and drinks? If your answer to all of these questions is a big yes, then you are on your way to starting your own restaurant. It may be a pretty terrifying task at first look, but with the proper guide, and the right people to help you, it might just be a challenge that is worth taking. Read on to find out how can prepare yourself for how to start a restaurant effectively.

Starting a restaurant business begins with thinking of a creative concept. From the name of your restaurant, to the overall customer experience that you want to convey to your clients, you really have to think about these up to the very last detail. The key thing to remember here is that eight weeks before the proposed opening date of your restaurant, you must now have a good idea as to what kind of establishment you want your restaurant to be. Also, by this time, you should already have a working group that you can rely on if and when concerns about anything regarding the starting of the business arise.

Eight weeks before starting your own restaurant, you must already have the budget for your opening event. This includes a forecast as to how many people you are going to invite, how long the opening would take place, how much logistics have to be used, and so on. You must do this so that you will not be overspending on your restaurant’s very first day.

Four weeks before starting your own restaurant, all the permits and licenses regarding the operation of your restaurant must already be in your files. Finalizing all the papers and taxes at least a month before the grand opening is key if you want to be assured that you are legally allowed to run your business and open it on schedule.

One week before starting your own restaurant, you must have finalized all the things needed for the opening – from the program to the food. Of course, it pays to wish for a little luck for the smooth opening of your establishment. Hopefully, everything will fall into place.

The Best Kind of Anaheim Restaurant

The west coast is a beautiful place with so much to offer. One of my favorite things to the west coast is go out to eat in the Orange County area – in particular, many an Anaheim Restaurant is known for having a diverse and delicious blend of cuisines. You can get anything from delicious Chinese food, to fresh local seafood and even southwestern Tex-Mex like quesadillas and burritos. I personally love to eat all of these things so as you can imagine, it is very difficult to decide on a good place to eat in Anaheim. In this series of articles I will go through some of my favorite types of food in Anaheim and go on to explain why I like them and why you should, too.

Today, I have my mind set on burritos so I will write this first article about southwestern Tex-Mex. Because of its proximity to Mexico, some of the classic Latin flavors associated with Mexican fare were bound to find their way into American culture. This is where the burrito was born. For those who do not know what a burrito is, I will describe it to you. A burrito is a combination of rice, beans and some kind of meat wrapped in a soft (generally flour) tortilla. In addition to these base ingredients, a good Anaheim Restaurant will often include lettuce, salsa, cheese, peppers and onions. A few other common ingredients are guacamole, and sour cream. If you have not tired one yet, I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible. Once you have figured out your favorite place to get burritos and your favorite ingredients, you will come face to face with the problem that so many burrito lovers have encountered. With so many ingredients wrapped in a tortilla, they tend to get compartmentalized within the flour filling. What I mean is that you might take a bite and get a mouthful of lettuce while another bite is purely guacamole. Some people actually like this, but most do not.

If you are searching for an Anaheim Restaurant that will mix up the ingredients in your burrito before wrapping, you may be searching for a while as they are hard to come by. Furthermore, when you ask them to mix it up, most places will get annoyed and half-heartedly poke at your burrito with a spatula. As you can imagine, the effect is minimal. One option for remedying this issue is to un-wrap the burrito, vigorously mix the insides with two forks, and then rewrap it. This method is reserved for those with prior burrito wrapping experience because if it is improperly executed, the resulting mess can be almost inedible and this is a travesty. For those burrito beginners, I would recommend eating the top of the burrito and then using a knife to gently mix the ingredients around in order to provide a uniform distribution of foods in your burrito. Stay tuned for my next article when I discuss more tips for eating burritos and other kinds of foods I like.

Ambiance In A Restaurant Can Make Or Break The Business

We would never like the food served in a very uneasy and unfriendly atmosphere. We all consider that good food is the keystone of any restaurant but we could not deny that the ambiance in a restaurant can make that good food all the more delicious. The restaurant’s ambiance is considered as mood or atmosphere that the place offers to the visitors. The restaurant owners or those who are managing the restaurants would like to have the ambiance of the restaurants to be at par. There are many factors that can create a positive ambiance or atmosphere in a restaurant. Lighting, music, people and decor are some of the important factors that can change the ambiance of an eating place completely.

The visitors will keep on coming if a place offers god food and friendly service. The moment the visitors park their vehicle in the parking lot of the restaurant they start judging the ambiance of the restaurant. Their judgment continues till they drive away after taking the food. The positive and cozy ambiance of any restaurant will have customers who are fully satisfied and they will definitely come back to the same place. With word of mouth and good review, the business is going to gain so one can understand it very well that the good ambiance means more business in future.

The moment the customers enter the restaurant, they look for the mood of the place. The professionalism of the employees, the friendly service etc is some of the important factors in making a good atmosphere inside the restaurant. The pleasing and soothing atmosphere in any eating place depend a lot on the color, designs and decoration used. That is the reason why most of the restaurant owners like to seek professional help while setting up the place.

Having the required lighting arrangement, air conditioning system or heating system are also part of restaurant’s ambiance. The better these services are the more satisfied the customers are. The decorations of the restaurant should be well enough to break the monotonous appeal of the place. The lighting of the place should complement with the decor. A place can get the aesthetic appeal when the correct kind of colors is used. Sound is also a very factor in influencing the mood of the place. Selecting the soothing and appealing music has a subconscious effect on the people sitting in the restaurant and ordering food.

Gift Baskets For Any Time Of Year Or Occasion

Okay ? so you have someone you need to buy a gift for. Are you stuck for ideas? Maybe you like the thought of giving them a gift hamper but you aren?t quite sure which one would be suitable?

Gifts like these can be perfectly traditional, but sometimes it?s better to go for something a little bit different. And in that case, why stay with familiar ingredients and additions to the basket? Why not cross borders and find something more adventurous to give to that special someone in your life?

Sampling some of the delights that people in other countries have become used to, is one of the best ways to give a novel food gift basket for a special occasion. Do you know someone who is heading off on a honeymoon to see the historic sights that Britain has to offer, for example? Make sure you give them a Best of British gift basket to send them off in style. That way they will get a taste of such British classics as Branston pickle, Cadbury?s chocolate and Yorkshire puddings.

Of course, you might know someone who immigrated to Australia from the UK several years ago. In that case this would prove to be a nostalgic and delightful gift for their birthday or for Christmas. It would certainly be much more than simply a nice food basket to enjoy; it would be packed with memories too.

But Britain isn?t the only country that has a basket to represent it. For anyone with connections to or a love of South Africa, there is a basket to explore for them as well.

South Africa has a very distinctive range of foods that cannot be bought anywhere else. When you see such items as monkey gland sauce and green fig preserve for example, you will know this is a basket set to awaken anyone?s taste buds!

But if that still doesn?t hit the spot, think about the goodies included in the Double Dutch baskets. There are two versions of this particular offering ? and one is definitely bigger than the other. This is perfect for the extra big appetite, or for giving to a couple.

Advocaat and Young Genever are just two of the names you?ll become familiar with, and that?s just for the liquid side of the gift. There is nougat, chocolate pastilles and the fantastically named stroopwafels as well for example. And they all add that extra touch of eye opening excitement to a great gift basket idea. Whoever receives this one will certainly be amazed at what they find inside.

It is definitely the more unusual nature of these kinds of gift basket that makes them so appealing. They provide an extra edge to the more traditional basket, and as such they can really make a great gift for anyone with an adventurous taste in food.

Who can you think of that would appreciate something a little more unusual? It?s time to get thinking ? and then ordering!

Good Morning Vietnom

A little fun fact about my mother is that she’s Chinese, but born and raised in Vietnam. So it’s fair to say that Asian food-wise I’ve been quite spoiled. But unfortunately when the craving hits, no matter what city I’m in, I find it much harder to find a quality Vietnamese restaurant to satiate me. Imagine my surprise when I heard about the recently opened Ba Bay, which serves up what can only be described as a modernized take on Vietnamese cuisine. I was intrigued.

After a thorough assessment of the menu and recommendations from not only our really attentive server, but the owner himself, we started off our meal with a side of chicken pate. Now I’ve had a lot of pate in my day, and I can honestly say that it was some of the best I’ve ever had! It was very fresh and flavorful. But to me, what really made it special was that the recipe comes straight from the owner’s family kitchen, specifically his Grandmother’s. And don’t Grandmother’s always know best?

For my entre, I ordered the Shaky Beef, which sits above watercress puree and topped with marinated onions. Let me tell you, the first bite left me shaking from enjoyment. The meat was so tender, cooked to a beautiful medium rare, and well seasoned. I never wanted it to end.

Next, my friend ordered the special of the night: Tete de conchon, which is crispy fried pig head, cabbage and hard boiled eggs braised in fish sauce and maggi. (I know, it totally sounds prettier in French, but what can you do?) Each element of the dish perfectly complimented and balanced one another. And I’d recommend ordering it with a side of rice for maximum deliciousness.

And being a Vietnamese restaurant, we just couldn’t leave without trying their Pho. Although not my favorite dish of the night, it definitely held its own. The pho broth was really dark, MSG free, and had a hint of spiciness. Not your standard pho broth, but definitely perfect for those cold winter days ahead.

Finally, in order to get our 2-3 servings of vegetables for the day, we got a side of the bok choy that is cooked in oyster sauce and sprinkled with fried shallots. Trust me, you’ll have even the pickiest of kids eating these leafy greens.

Ba Bay’s unique menu and cozy ambiance is just what Eastern Market needs!

(Tip: When you Google Ba Bay, make sure to specify it’s in DC and that it’s Vietnamese, otherwise Google thinks you’re looking for Baby items. Oh, you were looking for baby items? Congrats! That works too.)

Ba Bay

Address: 633 Pennslyvania Ave

Phone: 202-547-0002

Price: $8-20