Choosing The Best Marquee Hire For The Occasion

For an occasion to be perfect, it should be set up in the right place where everybody can enjoy. It is only rightful that everything should goes perfectly for the occasion. Occasions like wedding comes only ones in a lifetime, therefore there should be an effort to make the occasion successful. Choosing for the right marquee hire company will help make the event goes according to your plan and makes the day memorable for everybody.

Once the person looks for the marquee hire, he should already set a particular budget. You budget will certainly fit a particular style and size of a marquee except of course to the really big and exceptional kinds marquees that are really expensive. For you to have an idea on the budget you have to search through the internet on the different marquee companies that are renting out marquees. You have to go through several numbers of companies and compare their prices and services.

You also have to consider the location of the event. Most often this is done in the gardens, parks or beaches where one can have extra space if their guests increase in number. Often times one overlooks the place for the caterer and looks only for the area will gather. Having an extra space for other provisions that you might need is a good idea in the will notice that once you’ve visited the company’s website, there are various kinds of marquees that will make any event a day to remember. Choose a style that will be functional and stylish as well although you can a simple marquee into a different venue with all the trimmings and decorations comparable to hotel functions rooms.

Discuss every detail with the marquee service provider and have an extra budget aside from the price that you have agreed upon. Some marquee hire companies will add extra expenses incurred on your bill even if you haven’t if it is not included in your contract. It is only proper that you have to study the entire contract before signing it.

It is a must that you must deal only with the reputable family. Some website has testimonials of their previous clients, this will help you in the decision or you can ask them for some of the lists of their clients so that you can talk to them personally and ask for more information. If they are reputable enough, they are only willing to give you the information you may need.

Taste Italian Food at its Finest

It always seems that whenever someone who has visited Italy come back home, the first question everyone always seems to ask them is “How was the food?” And invariably the answer is always ‘Amazing!’

It is no secret that there is fabulous food in Italy. Part of it comes from the dedication to the art of food there ?? it seems almost every Italian dish is an art piece! There is great variety in the mix of colors, flavors and textures in Italian dining. And on top of that, Italian food has also been cited for its relative healthiness.

Chef Lisa Dahl of Dahl &DiLuca Italian restaurant in Sedona, Arizona certainly agrees with that theory. “Italian food, when prepared with art and passion, is wonderfully satisfying, wholesome and healthy,” she says. “You can’t have enough vegetables, olive oil or protein with Italian food.” Chef Dahl’s trip to Tuscany a few years ago helped inspire her to write a cookbook, which won a Best Cookbooks award in 2011.

Here’s why well prepared and wonderfully cooked Italian food offers healthy benefits:

1. Greens & Vegetables ?? Great Italian food dishes are often centered on a healthy use of vegetables and plant greens, fiber-rich ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, zucchinis, beans, and more. Chef Lisa Dahl’s dishes gives customers a deliciously satisfying feeling afterwards, precisely because of the goodness of these ingredients involved.

2. Using Olive Oil ?? It’s safe to say there is no such thing as Italian food without olive oil! The reason is simple. Overall, using olive oil for cooking has been cited for its healthy benefits. Plus, olive oil helps to bring out the food’s natural juices, which improves the taste and smell of the Italian food delicacies. Traditional Italian meats like salami and pepperoni take on a healthier flavor when prepared with olive oil. Chef Lisa Dahl believes in olive oil so dearly that she also sells her own super Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive oil at her site.

3. Great appetizers go with great Italian food ?? Traditional Italian dinners are blessed with appetizers like soups, wheat breads, and antipastas. These low-fat dishes combine meat, fruits, and vegetables for a delicious and healthy appetizer. Mixed with leafy greens in salads, and your great Italian meal starts out with wonderful health benefits.

4. It’s the Meat! ?? Italian food is known for its meats like pepperoni, salami, prosciutto and more. These Italian meats are normally treated with natural ingredients, and are smoked, salted, and air-dried to preserve freshness. That why the meats served in Chef Lisa Dahl’s great Italian restaurants are so delicious and rich-tasting.

5. Cheese ?? One cannot describe delicious and healthy Italian food eating without a mention of cheese. With hundreds of types of Italian cheese varieties, delicious Italian meals are always complemented well. All the calcium in Italian cheeses helps to contribute to a bounty of goodness. Eating calcium-rich cheese has been shown to make teeth and bones stronger, while helping to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Maybe that’s why Italians live an average of 3-5 years longer than most Americans!

Chef Lisa Dahl takes pride in sourcing the freshest, most healthy ingredients for her fantastic Italian food cooking at Dahl &DiLuca and CucinaRustica in Sedona. Her signature meals are always complemented with the freshest ingredients for all of its signature meals. Stop in to enjoy!

Gourmet Chocolates… Everybody’s Weakness

We all know, that everybody love chocolates. Chocolate is the voice of passion and love, whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as an expression of love for another human being. The way its texture feels in your mouth as it melts is very satisfying and its richness takes this pleasure to a whole new level. Some people would even prefer chocolate to some other acts that may bring a lot of pleasure. Valentine’s Day or Saturday, chocolate is the perfect gift for those we care about or just want to impress.

Yeah, it’s right that chocolate is very delicious, some chocolates are more enjoyable than others. A Snickers bar is full of chocolate but it also is jam packed with peanuts and caramel so you have to eat your way around the candy bar to get your dose of pure chocolate. Thankfully, there are gourmet chocolates available to fulfill any chocolate lovers hole.

However, you can give lavishness chocolates if you ever wanted to make friends with someone. But, I wonder why other people don’t like dark chocolates. Even gourmet restaurants leave me indifferent most of the time. Usually, one meal is as good as the other. Nonetheless, real gourmet chocolates really blow me away. There’s just something about them, you know? They are so rich, so sweet, so complex and flavorful, and so lingering in texture and taste that they completely overwhelm me. I’m not particularly a big eater. To me there is nothing in this world that is better.

In fact, I get literally high when I eat Belgian chocolates. Sometimes, a gourmet chocolate really throws me off order. I’ll have to sit down after a particularly good trouble. You might think I’m joking, but I’m not. One of my good friends always makes fun of me. He told me that if he enjoyed his gourmet chocolates as much as I do, he’d be really fat.

To tell you, it’s really funny, the gourmet chocolate I eat doesn’t make me fat. This is because I am careful with it. My philosophy about things that you really enjoy is that you should save them for special occasions. otherwise, if you enjoy gourmet food enough you may get spoiled for normal food. As it is, I can enjoy regular chocolate candies every now and then. They taste good to me. Even though they are not as good as gourmet chocolates, I certainly don’t complain. This is because I don’t exclusively eat gourmet chocolate. If I had it every day, I would be able to eat cake, pie, candy, or any other sweets. I would even be bored by fruits.

You should know that, there are many different kinds of gourmet chocolates that are good. Having rich, dark chocolate unpolluted by other flavors is enough to satisfy the craving. Then again, sometimes it is nice to have a good chocolate truffle or something like that. Truffles of all kinds are also available for those with an extra sweet tooth. Whether you love dark, milk or white chocolate it is all available out there for you. There is such a nice, complex balance of different flavors there. They all contribute to the whole experience. Together, the truffle as a whole is more delicious than any of its parts.

Plus, there are also boxes of chocolate to suit anyone?s needs and those contain a wide collection of different gourmet chocolates. Some people really enjoy coffee filled chocolate or cherry filled chocolate. In a box of chocolate, all of these are possible and even things you never thought imaginable will be waiting for you when you open the lid.

And likewise, if you want a plain chocolate bar than those are available too, all but everywhere. Dark, milk or white chocolates are available for chocolate bars so you?ll get your chocolate fix. You can break off a piece of the bar and simply let the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth as you let all your worries escape you.

Aside from those chocolates mentioned above, there are also other different cocoa inspired delectable treats out there to please anyone. There are types of chocolate that some people probably never thought possible. As what I have discovered that chocolates now can come in a chocolate-wine combination to serve as a decadent topping to any dessert. Some flavors include a chocolate espresso merlot or a chocolate raspberry cabernet. No one would have thought that wine and chocolate would fit well together but these gourmet chocolates, when paired with ice cream, would be sure to ticket anyone?s taste buds.

Unfortunately, these small luscious treasures make a perfect gift for anyone. If you know a chocolate lover, then they will greatly appreciate the sophisticated taste of these gourmet delights. They will know that you spent your time and money buying them the only gift they really need. Stores that sell these delicious treats also have gift certificates available so if you can?t pick out the perfect gourmet chocolates you can certainly let them do it with your gift for them. After all, it reminds us that we can enjoy our favorite treat knowing it’s good for the body and perhaps also the mind.

Singapore Eating

His annual publication, the “Makansutra” – “makan” is Malay for “food and eating,” and “sutra” is Sanskrit for “guide” – has become the bible for food-lovers looking for the gems of Singapore’s hawker stalls and other lowbrow venues.

For Mr. Seetoh, perhaps no cuisine hits closer to his heart than cze char (Hokkien for “cook, fry”) restaurants. The dishes served in these joints – which are to Singapore what the neighborhood deli is to New York – are famous for what Mr. Seetoh calls the “third taste.”

“It’s not yours, it’s not mine, it’s a combination. Get it?” Mr. Seetoh explains. “Think about Indian cooks that fry noodles in woks like the Chinese; Hainanese cooks that make up a bloody good curry. These tastes are not tied to a specific culture or ethnicity. They originated from sheer ingenuity and desperation.”

Given only enough room in your stomach to sample a few cze char specialties, Mr. Seetoh reveals his five favorite places to eat them in Singapore.

JB Ah Meng (Geylang, Lorong 3. Tel: 65-6741-2418): “Even Ferran Adria [chef of El Bulli] fell head over heels for the crispy tempura prawns. They are coated with salted duck-egg yolk and batter-fried sweet-corn kernels,” says Mr. Seetoh.

Sin Huat Seafood (Geylang, Lorong 35. Tel: 65-6744-9755): When Mr. Seetoh brought Anthony Bourdain here for an episode of “No Reservations,” a food show on the Discover Travel & Living Channel, the celebrity chef had to wait close to one hour just like everybody else. “The owner saves his best dish for last: a Crab Bee Hoon (crab stir-fried with rice vermicelli) because it trumps everything else,” he says.

Siang Hee (89 Zion Rd. Tel: 65-9736-4067): It’s not just the deep-fried pork knuckle – which is first steamed, then air-dried, and finally deep-fried to achieve extra crispiness – that’s delicious. It’s the addictive dipping sauce, made from chili, lime, and apricot jam. “When you put it in your mouth – fireworks,” says Mr. Seetoh.

Joo Hing (360 Joo Chiat Rd. Tel: 65-6345-1503): In traditional Chinese cooking, steamed fish head – usually from cod – is seasoned with a simple douse of soy sauce and ginger strips. But the folks in this cze char eatery layer on a paste of Chinese miso (fermented beans), ginger, lime, chili and soy sauce. The end product is buried in crispy lard cracklings.

Lai Huat Seafood (72 Horne Rd. Tel: +65-6299-3024): Mr. Seetoh’s choice for the ultimate beer food, the deep-fried pomfret has been a signature of this eatery for over half a century. The fish’s flaky, sweet flesh is perfectly balanced with a layer of sambal (a chili-based sauce), which is smeared over the entire fish. Be wary of the spice level. “You’ll be breathing out of your mouth,” says Mr. Seetoh.

Choosing The Best Boston Restaurant Part 5

Welcome back food enthusiasts! If you have been following our journey through the streets of Boston you already know that we have discussed several deciding factors when searching for the Best Boston Restaurant. Our journey has lead to the discussion of a restaurant’s name, the host, the decor, and of course the music. As a knowledgeable restaurant hunter you are aware of the fact that there will be many places that leave a sour taste in your mouth, both literally and figuratively. In this edition we will be discussing the next topic to consider while you search for a place that is worthy of your taste buds and your time. This is of course the drink menu and everything it has to offer or sometimes what it lacks.

When going out in Boston I always look at the drink menu before I look at anything else. There are many people that do not care about the quality of their before dinner cocktail, but I on the other hand like to enjoy a nice martini before dinner. In order to have a drink menu that is worthy of my time, a restaurant must have variety, creativity, and also good portion sizes for those shared libations. All of these factors have to be thoroughly analyzed before a drink order is even placed.

In deciding upon the Best Boston Restaurant for your money, variety is important for many reasons. Nine times out of ten I end up going out with a group of people that have very different tastes in what they like to drink. Some of my friends are stone cold beer drinkers and will never sip on anything else. In order to please them, there needs to be an extensive number of options available on tap. They are fans of imported beers and their taste in domestic beers is extremely picky. For some of my other friends, there needs to be wine from as many countries possible. The chardonnays have to be available in both oaked and un-oaked. The merlots have to be aged at least 8 years to please some of my pickier friends. For myself, a nice selection of vodkas is essential. I prefer my martini shaken, not stirred, very dry and absolutely no olives. When my friends and I decide to order a shared drink there is always an extensive discussion as to whether we should order one or two. Some places are very generous when mixing their drinks and the size is always a deciding factor. Ordering drinks is never anything to take lightly so the drink menu that we are provided with gets analyzed more than our bill does.

So there you have it folks, a drink menu is not just a nice looking piece of paper that lists the beverages that you could be consuming before, during and after your meal. It actually holds the key to an epic dining experience between you and your friends. Take the knowledge that you have gained from this week’s edition and apply it to your next group outing, and maybe, just maybe you will stumble upon a restaurant that has a drink menu so epic that it is considered the Best Boston Restaurant.

Tune in next week for our discussion on appetizers and how they can make or break a dinner.

Buffet Lunch

An experience with my buffet lunch

Hi guys. This is James here. I am back with some advice for my readers and yeah I am extremely sorry for the delay in my post as I was busy travelling various cities and of course tasting nice cuisine. J Anyway today I have decided to write something on my experience with buffet lunch in various cities likeBangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai,Hyderabadand the national capitalDelhi. Last month I travelled a lot for my business tour. Since I am in hotelier industry I came across many restaurants and hotels offering diverse services like hall booking and buffet lunch facilities for corporate.

Frankly speaking many a time I felt so bored in some of the buffet lunch that I had to run to my room and order some decent food myself. I really can’t compromise with my food. growing fat on my tummy and my wife hates that but I love my food and wife both J

Buffet in Chennai

Sorry let me come back quickly on my topic. Well I was in Chennai for a conference organized by hoteliers association and I was welcomed by a famous hotel cum restaurant. We all were given our id. cards and kit for conference. Truly speaking I was not interested in the sessions of conference. I was just looking for some nice food as I had travelled fromSingaporeand I didn’t have any food in flight. But my wait became worse when I saw that all dishes were cold on the tables. Some were looking good but very cold. I really don’t like eating cold and stale foods. I felt as if it was not buffet lunch but some session for finishing old and leftover foods. It put me off. So I directly headed to my room and ordered some nice food from outside.

Buffet in Mumbai

Okay. so let’s move to Mumbai. In Mumbai also I was not very happy as the buffet had all old stuffs which I had already tried several times at several place. Although food were decent, but I won’t call them a great experience. At least there should be some variation even at our home my mom and wife keeps varying the dishes to avoid boredom. Why don’t these buffet organizers realize the importance of serving hot buffet. It is not a difficult task though.

Buffet in Bangalore

Well now its turn of my experience in namma Bengaluru (Bangalore). InBangaloreI was invited as a keynote speaker in an event organized by . Conference was well organized and it started off on schedule without any delay. I finished my address to the audience and then we went for high tea. After high tea we straight went on to the next session in the conference hall where few more speakers spoke on service industry. Now it was time to lunch so organizers took us in the buffet hall wherein we were greeted with smile and rose. Entire ambience was filled with aroma of fresh flowers. Not a surprise asBangaloreis considered to be city of roses. Cuisines were also good and tasty. It was really a pleasure for my appetite after a bad experience in Chennai session.

me conclude today otherwise it will take days to narrate my experience. However I assure you to post more very soon. Till the time I will recommend to read on

for more details check

The Famous Dragon Well Tea Part 1

I was lucky enough to go to China in November 2007 and one of the many places I visited was the famous Dragon Well Tea Plantation. As someone who has had a tea website for a few years, I was excited!!

The plantation itself is stunning in appearance and is surrounded by breathtaking views in a truly beautiful part of China. We stayed at Hangzhou, which was described by Marco Polo as ‘the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world’. Hangzhou is on the famous West Lake where we took a boat cruise and then drove up into the surrounding mountains to the Dragon Well Tea Plantation where you can smell the enticing aroma of the tea long before you arrive. Here the climate is mild and has plenty of rainfall in all seasons – a perfect setting place for great teas. This is one of the birthplaces of green tea and is known as having the highest quality Dragon Well tea.

I must confess, I’d never seen tea growing before. In China the tea bushes are kept small so it’s easier work for the pickers and the tea is delicate and full of flavor and aroma. We walked through the tea bushes to the entrance where several people were turning the harvested leaves by hand in woven baskets. This set the theme right away that Dragon Well is all about quality and not about rushing any part of the tea process. There is a pond in the center of the buildings with a huge teapot in the middle. Here you can sit down with your tea and enjoy the views of the tea plantation as well as look at the teapot! The building we went in was for tea tasting. Here a nice Chinese lady told us that the tea was harvested in different months. When picking tea, the different harvesting months bring a different quality of the tea. The best tea, we were told, was the emperor’s cut which only the emperor was allowed to consume. Happily, that is no longer the case but this tea was very expensive. We also were able to taste teas picked in different months. April was great but I settled on May.