Delicious Food Served at Terrace

Many know Dehradun as the gateway to the Himalayas. Not only is it the capital of a small but beautiful state Uttarakhand but it is the perfect gateway to many religious and exotic places in the higher ranges of the Himalayas. Whoever is on a trip to the Garhwal hills should spend a couple of days in the Doon city. You can stay in one of the many hotels in Dehradun and enjoy excellent service in the midst of warm people. For the foodies, Dehradun can translate to nothing less than paradise. Some of the best restaurants in Dehradun can be found in the heart of the city- Rajpur Road. The place has many eateries, each specializing in anything imaginable from the famous Indian street food to the exotic cuisines from around the world. However, one restaurant that stands out in all this is TownTable which is famous for its beautiful interiors, mind-blowing food and excellent service.

When you visit TownTable, grab a place at the terrace as it is one of the most sought after areas in the restaurant. Enjoy the food and drink in Dehradun while watching the sun set into the Himalayas and the sky presenting a kaleidoscopic magnum opus. What sets the terrace at TownTable Dehradun is its unique location coupled with breathtaking decoration. A landscape garden for a restaurant is rare to find and it is the USP of TownTable Dehradun. The rustic yet modern look of the area is the perfect place for a Sunday brunch or an evening drink. During the evening, the bright orange seems to accentuate the beauty of the sky. It feels as if the place wants to drown itself in the beauty of the hills and become one with it. The lanterns add that rustic look and bring back fond memories of childhood for many. Food and drinks in Dehradun definitely gets tad better at this place.

A description of TownTable is incomplete without a mention of the food served here. For many people, TownTable has redefined eating in Dehradun. A group outing or a couple’s night out or a solitary time gets better when the taste buds are titillated. TownTable manages to do just that. The place is a gourmet’s paradise with countless cuisines and platter. From sapid starters to exquisite main course and delectable desserts, Town Table Dehradun has everything one can ask for. However, a special mention of the best cakes in Dehradun is required. TownTable has an endless and innovative list of cakes that draw numerous people into the eatery. For those who have a soft corner for desserts deserve to treat themselves to the best cakes in Dehradun.

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